Athena, Nefertiti, Goddess and a Lash Applicator

Only $25.00


"These lashes are so cute and natural, every time I put them on I feel glamorous!"

- @yourgirl_katrice

"I absolutely love Mina Luxe lashes. The style Goddess was perfect for me!  I usually avoid lashes that are too bold but the Goddess lashes were a perfect balance. They are my go to lashes for photoshoots."

- @itsambri


"My all time favorite lashes. Mina Luxe is always my go-to from a casual night in, to a night out in the city. They are great for every occasion. So happy to find a high quality lash company that is cruelty-free & small owned!"

- @rerin9

"I love my lashes so much! The application is already easy, but the applicator helps so much. I have every style and will continue to invest in them. They are lightweight, comfortable and look amazing. The quality is unmatched!"

- @itsme_meggg


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About MINA

“MINA provides an irresistible way to exude beauty using hand crafted, cruelty free wispy mink lashes. These supreme luxury lashes are not only lightweight but ultra realistic, guaranteed to complete your effortless look. With a variety of styles for all eye shapes and occasions at an affordable cost.”


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